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WILDCRAFTING HERBAL TEA – 4/25/2020  {12pm – 5pm}  $55 {SOLD OUT}

Class Description: Do you love herbal tea and all its wonderful benefits? Want to be able to make it from the world around you? Well join us on a walk through nature meeting many incredible plants that can offer us delicious and beneficial medicine, specifically herbal tea.  We will enjoy a Plant ID (introduction) walk, learning identification techniques, edible, medicinal, and personality information about each.  Carrying our foraging bags and earth offerings, we will ethically gather some of each to return to the fire and create potent herbal teas.

In the tea blending portion of the day, we will immerse ourselves into the art of blending medicinal and delicious herbal teas.  I will offer you some of my favorite tips and methods I’ve acquired over the many years of practicing this ancient craft.  Some info will include how to dry and prepare the gathered plants, how to create a purposeful and intentional tea, how to make them taste delicious, when and how to use dry vs. fresh herbs and much more.

We will create wonderful  blends together and enjoy each as a group.  The entire class will outside assuring we reconnect as much as possible with our pant friends from whom we are learning.  Hopefully you can walk away from this class knowing some plant ID, what they are capable of, how to prepare them, and ready to build a home tea apothecary!

FORAGING & FEASTING – 4/26/2020  {12pm – 5pm}  $55 {SOLD OUT}

Class Description: Join us for a day spent uncovering all the tasty and healthy treats growing right outside your door… or at least nearby! This class will be spent outdoors working on plant identification skills and meeting our local plants.  We will be spending time creating relationship with these herbs, consciously gathering them in our foraging bags, and learning their incredible stories and benefits for us and their ecosystem.

We will then take the fun indoors and create culinary treasures using what we have gathered and learned about on our walk.  We will learn how to prepare the herbs in order to use them fresh or dried. We will then make herbal vinegars, oxymels, teas, and yummy small dishes to enjoy as a group.  The food we will be preparing will be easy to incorporate into your daily life and meals you already prepare.  Wild foods cooking is so worth the extra bit of effort for the benefits of incredibly healthy, fully vital food as well as ancient medicine.  This won’t be a restaurant style meal, but rather, ways to easily incorporate wild foods into everyday dishes. After this class, you will be as likely to reach for dried nettles or mulberry leaf as you are for the rosemary or thyme.


A DAY OF SPOON CARVING – 5/30/2020  {12pm – 5pm}  $60 {SOLD OUT}

Class Description: Join me, Joel, for a relaxing and challenging day of spoon carving in the Joelton countryside. This will be a class geared toward beginners and will focus on the skills needed to safely use the main three tools in traditional spoon carving. The hook knife for hollowing the bowl of the spoon, the straight (or sloyd) knife for shaping the outside of the spoon, and the hatchet for roughing out the general form.  We will learn safe and efficient techniques and grips for all three tools while crafting a useable kitchen spoon.  All things spoon carving will be discussed including design, the most suitable woods for carving and how to find them, tools and tool maintenance and how to care for your wooden treen to keep it in service for years to come.  The craft of spoon carving is equal parts creative, methodical, productive, relaxing, stimulating and meditative and I very much look forward to sharing my passion for making woods chips with you!

A WALK AMONG THE WILDLINGS – 5/30/2020  {1pm – 3pm}  $20

Class Description: Join me and take a leisurely walk through several ecosystems learning about the plant life calling each region home.  We will begin in a typical backyard environment, stroll through a meadow, and journey into the woods.  We will meet and greet what many call weeds, but I call these friends wildlings.  These plants have chosen their homes and grow with great wisdom, strength, and vigor.  Not to be tamed or put into a box, but rather, an active and communicative piece of nature adapting and responding to the world around them.  They offer us incredible food and medicine filled with this strength if we just take the time to get to know them.  This isn’t a class diving deeply into herbal medicine, but it is an enjoyable plant walk stepping into nature as a piece of nature meeting some new green allies, learning some basic identification techniques, and learning some key herbal food and medicine about each wildling we happen upon.

BACKYARD MEDICINE – 5/31/2020  {12pm – 5pm}  $55 {SOLD OUT}

Class Description: A magnificent medicine chest surrounds you if you simply take the time to get to know the plant neighbors that create it.  Each offering food, medicine, and support for you and the surrounding environment. Get ready to change the way you see the world around you! Every plant has a beautiful purpose… every single one. This class helps to widen your friendship circle and learn some green friends to call upon in times of need.  Herbalism is in your DNA, and we will awaken your own intuition and knowledge in how to identify, create relationship with, ethically gather, and create folk medicine from our plants allies that are waiting patiently right at your feet. We will spend half of the day outdoors identifying, gathering, and learning traditional medicinal use of the plants we see almost each and every day.  We will then bring these into the kitchen and prepare them into folk medicine.  We will learn to properly dry and store herbs, make tea from fresh and dried plant material, make tinctures, herbal vinegars, and syrups.  We will also touch upon herbal actions, proper extraction methods, and pharmacology so you are better equipped to make powerful preparations.  You will participate in making a 4oz tincture or vinegar to take home that will be your own custom creation from the plants you learned about and gathered in the day.


Class Description: Ever wonder what a plant’s personality or spirit medicine is and ask someone considered an expert, reach for a book, or scope out the internet? Truth is, nature is our ultimate resource to these answers.  You can answer these questions yourself with much more meaningful answers if you just know where and how to look for the answers.    We simply need to let down our walls we have build separating us from nature and our natural selves.  Our plant family has millions of years of lessons to teach if we are willing to listen.

In this class we will be walking among our natural neighbors and discussing their stories, medicine and food offerings, personality and role in nature.  By simply looking at how a plant acts within its natural environment, you can see what lessons it has for you, since you too are nature.  With deeper insight into the natural world around you, it becomes obvious how connected we truly are.  While wandering by the creek, through the forest and fields, we will also be making plant spirit medicine.  We will make a flower essence, spirit focused tincture, and sitting by a chosen plant teacher to privately listen to its lessons for us.  Upon returning to the house, we will make a spirit focused tea while learning how to prepare herbal baths as well.

If you have been looking to better connect with nature, want to gain insight into plant spirit and personality medicine, or are simply feeling alone in this human focused world, this may be the class for you.  This class truly will be fulfilling and hopefully change the way you see the plant family around you.  To all our relations, we are all one, reconnect to the whole.

POTIONS FROM THE FIELD & FOREST – 6/7/2020  {12pm – 5pm }  $55 {SOLD OUT}

Class Description: Come and  journey through the fields and forest with our foraging bags in hand.  All the while, gathering and discussing the powerful plants around us.  On our walk, we will focus on Plant ID (introduction) including plant identification strategies, food, medicine, and personality.  We will learn and practice conscious wildcrafting methods and return to the house to create purposeful yet playful potions with our plant friends we found.  I will share with you techniques and tips I’ve learned through the many years of enjoying this ancient art. We will make creative and wild potion, cocktail, or mocktail components  including an herb infused vinegar, oxymel, simple syrup, shrub and tincture.  I will then teach blending methods to create our own wellness potions and enjoy tasting our creations with each new discovery.

This class is great for anyone looking for a touch of plant identification and herbal medicine knowledge with lots of herbal medicine making and blending tips.  It will be a fun and lighthearted class for anyone to enjoy.  Delicious too…. 😉


We will be offering one full work scholarship for each class. {except A Day Of Spooncarving}

Scholarship Eligibility:

This scholarship is designed for someone who is not currently in a place to pay the class cost and  is committed to better learning and carrying forward the ancient wisdom of herbalism and reconnection to our natural world.

Recipient must be willing and available to help out 30 minutes before class begins and stay 1 hour after class ends doing basic cleanup assistance.  

To Apply:

Email with the subject “2020 Scholarship Application”

In this email, briefly explain a little about yourself including financial need, your interest in this subject matter, and how you will carry this learning forward.


All applications must be received by March 21, 2020.  I will contact the recipient of each via email by March 28, 2020. You will have 1 week to respond and accept this scholarship or it will be offered to another recipient.

Class Location: All of these classes will be held at our home in Joelton TN, about a 25 minute drive from High Garden / East Nashville.

Doggy Alert: We do have 2 medium/large dogs that are a loving part of our family and they love to attend the classes.  If you have severe dog allergies, are very scared of dogs, or have any aversion to dogs, this may not be a comfortable environment for you.