High Garden isn’t a business… its a passion and a mission.  The official term is social enterprise, meaning we focus on purpose over profit.  So what is our purpose? Reconnecting people to their natural selves and to all of nature.  We work very hard to only offer the very best herbs, teas, and products; educate about natural connection, herbalism, and traditional skills;  have as environmentally friendly and sustainable shop and product as possible; and support environmentally focused non profits.

To offer the very best herbs, teas and products, its pretty easy… do right by the earth and we will naturally do right by you.  These plants are our very best friends so we would never pay someone to abuse them or the soil they call home.  This naturally brings us to only purchasing organic, ethically wildcrafted, or naturally grown herbs and teas.  We purchase local when possible but always the best.  Each of these herbs and teas are what we use to hand blend every single small batch that comes to you or perches on our shelves. Every blend is created through years of study and honoring the tradition.  Always hand-blended and hand-bagged to assure top quality and care.  This doesn’t mean our hands throw the herbs into a tea bagging machine, it means we hand blend a batch and then hand it off to another set of hands that carefully portions each blend into each individual tea bag which then gets handed off to another set of hands that writes the name on each package.  Each of us inspect it the entire time making sure it looks, feels, smells, and radiates its exact intended note.  The loose leaf teas we offer do come from great distance of travel as that is the preferred growing region for the tea plant, but they come directly to us from small gardens instead of begin shipped from warehouse to warehouse finally ending up at our door.   Each tea is from small gardens using ancient growing, harvesting, and preparation techniques.  There are no chemicals or flavorings all over these teas… simply leaves rich with flavor from the healthy soil and region from which they came.  We allow no artificial or “natural flavorings” as well as no chemical processes to remove caffeine.  We are happy to be the filter for you, selecting the most pure leaf we can find grown in the most ethical manner possible.

We not only have the shop, but we also have High Garden Wholistic Herbalism and Traditional Skills School.  This school focuses on sharing with others what has been shared with us regarding herbalism, natural reconnection, forest gardening, traditional skills, and more.  By learning more about nature and its wonders, we easily begin to connect with something much larger and feel incredibly more whole.  In this process, we also begin to care much more deeply for the environment around us as we see ourselves now a piece of it instead of an isolated being.  We are able to teach this subject matter because we have studied for so many years and live by it daily.  Leah has been working diligently on herbal studies for 15 years and Joel has been well versed in the world of tea as well as traditional skills for almost a decade.  We bring in other elders and teachers on subject matters and enjoy in what the community can offer one another.

Our efforts to have a low waste shop do not come cheap or easy but are worth every penny and second.  We also do not claim to be perfect and we are constantly seeing ways that we can do better and work towards this goal.  We use minimal packaging techniques so that your tea bags can go straight into your compost pile as well as the package that it came in.  We package our teas in recycled material, compostable, glassine lined Kraft bags that provide a strong seal for your tea, but are also capable of breaking down after use. Currently, almost all plastic used in our shop is biodegradable including sampler bags, to-go cups, lids, and straws. Our paper products are from recycled material and are compostable such as our paper towels, toilet paper, Merch bags, and hot to-go cups. All of our sweetener options are organic so we do not contribute to chemical runoff. We also offer a 10% discount to anyone bringing in their own packaging for loose leaf herbs, tea, and to go drinks as a final effort to minimize packaging.    We compost and recycle all possible as well. The environment offers us so much, so we work very hard to offer it love right back.

Supporting environmental non profits is very important to us, in fact, we are working on creating a land rescue of our own.  Our focus goes toward saving land from timbering in attempts to preserve at-risk woodland plants as well as offer safe haven to wildlife that is quickly losing habitat.  We have registered the land that we live on as an official Botanical Sanctuary through United Plant Savers and hope to do this with more land needing some love.  We are all on this Earth together, and we must keep a space for trees, animals, and plants to live.  It is a fragile circle that we live in and a respectful balance is essential.  Some of our non profits of choice to support are Walden’s Puddle Wildlife rescue and rehab, TN Heartwood, and Appalachian Voices.

Everything matters us, please know that.  This tea was created for you through years of tradition and study which turned into a deep passion.  We follow through and want to offer back to the earth even a fraction of what it has offered to us.  So much gratitude for you and your support.

Warmest regards,

Leah and Joel

High Garden