Big things in the works

Hey everyone! We’re in the midst of some big and exciting changes, including our new website and new storefront. Both of them are still “getting there,” so we appreciate your patience during this metamorphosis. We promise to emerge as a big shimmering beautiful butterfly from this cocoon of busyness soon.

We’re working hard to get our online store back up and running, but in the mean time, please check back here for more updates about the new shop and other adventures.

2 Comments on “Big things in the works”

  1. I want to find a naturally decafinated tea that would satisfy me as a coffee substitution, mainly for a full-bodied, strong taste. My digestive system is very sensitive and could not tolerate several of the things I tried commercially.
    If you think you have some ideas, can I buy in small quantities to try out – not just for taste, but for toleration?
    Good luck on your inspection.
    Thank you!

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