Date: Saturday, August 26 & Sunday, August 27, 2017
Time: Saturday- 10:30-4:30 & Sunday 10:30-4:30
Location: Joel & Leah’s Home: 1826 New Hope Rd, Joelton, TN 37080 (about a half hour from High Garden)
Cost: $75 for one day or $100 for both days.
Registration: At High Garden, prepay {cash or check made out to Darryl Patton} and registration required. 15 person capacity per day.

Description: Join us for a weekend with The Southern Herbalist, Darryl Patton and his incredible knowledge of the woods and our plant allies within them. This class is heavily focused on getting into the land, meeting the plants face to face and learning their edible, medicinal and folk uses.

Saturday- “Field and Forest Floor” will be the focus. We will be doing an herb walk focusing on the identification of the local plants at our feet and all of their incredible uses and place among us. We will end the day at a creek bank (feel free to swim!) creating a primitive water filtration device as well as boiling up some tea of the herbs gathered and enjoying it as a group.

Sunday- “Our Wooden Ancestors” will focus on trees and shrubs regarding their incredible medicinal, edible, and folk use. We will walk among them meeting, identifying, and learning about them within their environment. Ending the day, we will learn basic primitive fire building skills utilizing materials gathered focusing on bow drill and hand drill fire making. We will enjoy some tea gathered throughout the day over our fire made by hand.

This is an incredible experience and we are honored to bring Darryl here. He truly is a human encyclopedia of plant identification and use.

Lunch will not be provided so please bring your own food.