Head Releaf




We’ve hand blended herbs taught to us as those used in traditional pain relief.  May I say, I’m so glad this was shared with me because it has been such a great help in so many headache moments! Not only have these herbs been used for head ache pain, but several herbs in this blend are also highly regarded as antispasmodics promoting muscular tension relief.  What a great combo for tension headaches!

Ingredients:  Jamaican Dogwood Bark, Meadowsweet, Skullcap, Wood Betony, Peppermint Leaf, Rosemary, Kudzu Root & Lavender.


This tea is bagged for extra convenient use. 12 large bags equals 2.5 ounces. Each bag makes a small pot, 16 oz cup, or two 8 oz cups by reusing the bag.

Brewing Instructions: Bring 16-20 ouces of water to a boil. Pour water over herbal bag in pot or cup and immediately cover. Allow to steep for minimum of 20 minutes. Enjoy with honey, juice, iced, or hot. Drink up, feel the boost, and let the herbal wonders do the work….

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