SHIPPING NOTICE! It May Take Up To A Week Before Your Order Ships Out...
Your herbal infusion is hand blended and bagged once your order is placed. Please allow up to a week before your order is shipped out. We are a small but busy herb and tea shop, and your order is placed in line with our retail store demands. Thank you so much for your support!

We hope you enjoy our truly transparent herbal infusions. No secrets, flavorings or chemicals.
Simply organic, naturally grown and/or responsibly wildcrafted herbs, gathered, hand blended and bagged with respect. Every infusion is made with knowledge from years of learning and love for the craft. We go far beyond making herbal tea, this is the love of nature and tradition infused into every blend. Each one special in its own purpose and potency.
Two hands prepare this tea for two hands to hold this tea.
May there be connection in every cup. Reconnect to your roots, the ones we all share.

Gratitude & Green Blessings,
Leah & Joel